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Scientific evidence indicates over 1 in 3 probes in clinical use today have some form of failure, which may put clinical diagnosis at risk. How can you ensure that your ultrasound equipment is performing as expected? 1,2

By combining the expertise of a leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment with the flexibility of a multi-brand support service, Unisyn can help you ensure that your ultrasound equipment meets your clinical needs. We provide comprehensive repair service for probes and transducers from different manufacturers: GE Healthcare, PhilipsTM, SiemensTM, ToshibaTM, AlokaTM and others.

Unisyn solutions can help you:

> Increase confidence in your diagnosis

How can you be sure that your equipment is performing as expected?
Our team of experts can work with you to provide ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance of your probes, helping you to enable greater diagnostic confidence.

> Improve cost efficiency in managing your Ultrasound portfolio

Do you need a flexible service solution which can help you maximize budget allocation?
We provide support ranging from high quality, cost effective probe diagnostics and repair to proactive probe fleet management: we can build the right solution for you.

> Maximize continuity of your clinical activity 

Is maintaining your clinical activity your top priority?
We provide probe care services across all major probes manufacturers and can provide you with a loaner while your equipment is being taken care of.

Solutions for you

Discover Unisyn multi-brand probe and transducer repair solutions  choose the one which can best suit your needs.  We provide comprehensive service for probes from different manufacturers: GE Healthcare, PhilipsTM, SiemensTM, ToshibaTM, AlokaTM and others. 

Flexible, on-demand repair solutions for your multi-brand ultrasound probes.

  • Check Your Probe 

  • Benefit from remote probe diagnostic service within 24h for probes which raise any doubts.

  • Smart Repair 

  • Benefit from probe repair and exchange services for probes coming from all major manufacturers and receive a loaner while your part is being taken care of.   

Proactive and comprehensive solutions for your multi-brand ultrasound probe fleet.

  • Fleet Health Check 

  • Identify damaged probes before they impact clinical activity and increase visibility on the health of your probe fleet.

  • Total Care 

  • Discover how our solution can help you improve cost efficiency in managing your ultrasound portfolio, help maximize continuity of your clinical activity and help you be even more confident about your diagnosis.

Download educational resources

What if you could maximize your probe performance thanks to handy educational resources?

27% of probes in clinical use are damaged every year due to routine utilization1,2. Unisyn assists you in your everyday use of your probes by providing trainings and education resources on the recommended handling and maintenance procedures

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Quality you can rely on

  • 15 years of experience in probe repair
  • Over 61 experts to support you globally
  • Over 800 probes available in a loaner pool
  • Over 3.500 probes diagnosed and repaired each year3
  • Unique diagnosis & repair procedures helping us ensure the repair quality and helping you make no compromise on patient safety



Fleet Health Check

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Smart Repair

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Total Care

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3 Based on internal GE Healthcare data.
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