Clinical Transformation

The challenge for the NHS, along with all other healthcare systems, is to deliver better care to patients, with better outcomes at lower cost.

In our experience this can only be achieved by clinical transformation of current healthcare services with the full engagement of doctors, nurses and other clinicians.

Clinical Transformation solutions from GE Healthcare.

Through our Clinical Transformation capability, we can support NHS organisations with:

  • Clinical and managerial alignment
  • Redesigning clinical services and pathways
  • Integration of services across the care continuum and re-provisioning care closer to the home
  • Clinical analytics and information services

Solution Overview

Improve integrated care through Clinical Transformation.

With clinical transformation, are you trying to:

  • Improve patient experience, clinical outcomes and address cost growth?
  • Identify and risk stratify patient populations with high rates of variation and resource consumption?
  • Reduce clinical variation in care pathways and manage patients more effectively across multiple care settings?
  • Reduce avoidable admissions, length of stay and preventable readmissions?
  • Transfer to in-house team if integrated into a formal improvement work stream?
  • Align clinicians with operational management and improve staff morale? 

How we can help:

Our approach to clinical transformation has been developed through research into the methods used by the leading integrated healthcare systems and through our partnerships with centres of excellence in high quality, low cost healthcare delivery.

The key elements for success are:

  1. Integrated care redesign and informatics: We use evidence-based best practice to drive unwarranted variation out of care pathways. We help redesign care processes with informatics as a central component supporting cohort identification, risk stratification, workflow enablement, and monitoring functions.
  2. Change activation and acceleration: Activation is essential to any good planning cycle. We take organisations from plan to reality by applying proven change activation and acceleration tools. We work closely with clinical leaders, managers and teams on the ground to drive changes in people, processes, and applied technology.
  3. Repeatable and sustainable: The experts in our Clinical Transformation practice provide processes and methodologies in a codified manner to make successful clinical transformation engagements repeatable, with or without GE’s assistance, and sustainable by creating leave-behind operating mechanisms. 

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