Capacity Optimisation

"Capacity management" is fast becoming the biggest challenge hospitals face. With over 90% of British hospitals being constrained by their inpatient bed capacity, better use of this precious resource can be a major financial lever.

Performance Solutions- Capacity Management

GE Healthcare Performance Solutions offers a comprehensive Patient Care Capacity Management solution which combines sophisticated modelling and simulation techniques, innovative tracking technologies and operational transformation to help hospitals to operate safely and sustainably at elevated occupancy.

Solution Overview

Optimise capacity and flow with GE Healthcare Capacity Optimisation.

With capacity optimisation, are you trying to:

  • Reduce inpatient flow variation?
  • Reduce congestion across system?
  • Reduce A&E breaches, have fewer delayed discharges?
  • Improve hospital-wide workflow automation & tracking?
  • Improve configuration of beds?
  • Increase utilisation of funded theatre time?
  • Improve throughput, lower LoS, higher bed turns?
  • Reduce overtime; extra sessions; waiting list costs?
  • Improve hospital-wide visibility of patient demand, capacity and flow- real time?

How we can help:

GE Healthcare Performance Solutions deploys a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners, to help you develop a capacity optimisation strategy and optimise patient flow and resource utilisation. What are the steps to do this?

  1. We develop a comprehensive Capacity Optimisation Strategy for your organisation. By working closely with your leaders, managers, clinicians and nursing staff, we create a sophisticated whole-system simulation model of your existing hospital, realistically reflecting the real-time flow of patients. Through facilitated sessions, a number of future demand and capacity scenarios are defined to reflect the likely challenges ahead and these are tested and compared using the model. 
  2. We implement patient and asset workflow technology to streamline the clinical and operational processes which enable optimised capacity management. Our suite of software applications and tracking technology have been specifically designed to provide real-time data and process governance that is required to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable operations at high occupancy levels. 
  3. We deliver Operational Transformation to activate the capacity strategy, optimise patient flow, manage variation & create effective governance structures. 

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