To share maintenance tasks with your in-house team to optimize your performance and budget:

  • Flexibility to choose from a range of task sharing options
  • Comprehensive technical training for your team
  • Onsite Intervention guaranteed within a time commitment
  • Reliable Technical Support for your team with guaranteed response times
  • Rapid Notification of intervention schedule

Customers Speak About Benefits

How to leverage your in-house technical team's competencies thanks to relevant technical training
Västerås Central Hospital, Sweden

“We used to perform some part of maintenance tasks ourselves, but only after GE introduced First Line trainings, we were able to get necessary skills to perform more tasks on a wider portfolio of systems”, says Lars Pettersson, Medical Technician


Customer Needs
Leverage in-house team’s competencies

Most Valued Benefit of Shared Maintenance
Get access to the same comprehensive GE FSE technical training

Operational Outcomes
Enhanced in-house skills and productivity

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How to optimize equipment maintenance budget leveraging in-house team in a partnership contract
Östersund Hospital, Sweden

“Performing part of maintenance tasks on our side allows us to optimize the lifecycle cost. That’s the main reason why we chose the shared maintenance contract. However, it’s very important to find the right balance between the tasks performed by in-house team and jobs done by GE”, says Håkan Olsson, Medical Technical Engineer


Customer Needs
Optimize equipment maintenance budget

Most Valued Benefit of Shared Maintenance
Gain in coverage flexibility

Financial Outcomes
Optimized lifecycle cost

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How to maximize equipment uptime in a remotely located hospital thanks to shared maintenance
Vaasa Central Hospital, Finland

“We strongly value remote support from GEHC. In collaboration with online engineers we are able to fix a majority of equipment issues (over 90% for some types of equipment). This does not require a Field Engineer coming on site each time when intervention is needed”, says Bo Lind, Head Medical Engineer


Customer Needs
Maintain high performance in remote location

Most Valued Benefit of Shared Maintenance
Reliable support with guaranteed response times

Operational Outcomes
Maximized uptime in remote location

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