Enhanced Access to GE Assistance

Something’s not right with the equipment. Your patient is waiting. The waiting room is full. Is something broken? Was the equipment operated improperly?

Imagine you could clear up any doubt.

Imagine you could have your system parameters verified or you could share your screen or image acquisitions with a remote GE expert to identify whichever problem you may be facing – and have it corrected within minutes of detecting the problem…

Imagine you could be guided through your exam by that very same expert, setting the right parameters for an optimal outcome… 

Imagine you could learn new procedures on your own equipment. No matter where you are. The instant you need them… 

Imagine the confidence you’d have. Imagine the time you’d save. 

It’s possible. Now. With InSite.

You will benefit from1:

  • Remote system file repair
  • Console control sharing
  • Live interaction with experts

InSite is integral part of One Services portfolio, included in all service contracts, for eligible systems.

Services reinvented, just for you.

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1. Connectivity is equipment dependent.

Automatic System Updates

A critical update is available for your equipment. You don’t have the time to deal with it.

Imagine you didn’t need to. 

Imagine the latest security patch or software version could download over lunchtime? And what if – at the click of a button – it could install when it’s most convenient for you? 

Imagine – additionally – you could know precisely whenever a remote engineer was checking up on your equipment… and imagine you could maintain full control over whether that engineer makes any modifications to your system. 

That’s precisely what InSite can provide you.

You will benefit from1:

  • Connection control & connection notification
  • Remote software download
  • Rollback of new software installations 

These are among the many features that help maintain your equipment at the cutting edge, while leaving you in control. Control over your equipment, your time, your practice… 

Your settings will be maintained with any new installation… And with the ability to roll back updates, there’s virtually no risk: if you’re not pleased with the update, you can return to how it was before. 

Now that’s control. 

1. Connectivity is equipment dependent.

A Global Expert Network

You’re faced with equipment trouble. This equipment is critical to your practice, and your field engineer just informed you parts won’t arrive until the afternoon. There’s nothing to do but wait.

Imagine your parts could already be there.

Imagine your equipment could have been remotely diagnosed by a GE remote technician – an engineer who has access to the full historic database of every problem a GE customer has ever faced before you, worldwide, and its resolution.

Imagine your equipment could be fixed – with parts – the very first time we step through your doors.

Imagine if distance didn’t even matter.

Imagine the relief.

InSite can start making that a reality.

You will benefit from1:

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Access to our global Problem-Solution Database via qualified GE Engineer

InSite means your equipment constantly monitors itself – even when you’re not there - and if something seems wrong: your equipment will notify us to begin resolving your issue…

It means you’re leveraging the power of one of the most extensive field engineer networks in the world – and our millions of hours of collective on-site experience.

Who else can provide you with that sense of security?

1. Connectivity is equipment dependent.