What if you could:

  • Enhance your operational efficiency ?
  • Have a greater visibility on your operating costs?
  • Improve your investments planning?

AssetPlus is an entreprise-scale CMMS dedicated to healthcare professionals willing to take full control over their assets to better serve their organization.

Beyond inventory and maintenance management, AssetPlus provides relevant data and analytics to drive operational and financial efficiency.

1Computerized Maintenance Management System

Outcomes for you

AssetPlus can help you achieve outcomes across 3 different areas:

Achieve maintenance operational excellence

  • Help streamline planning, assure compliance with planned maintenance and better customer service quality (response time, fix time)
  • Help optimize and prioritize based on risk management
  • End to end contract management
  • Help improve asset lifecycle

Help improve cost management and investment strategy:

  • Achieve better visibility on the cost of labor, service, inventory
  • Help optimize cost for new strategy on labor productivity, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, training, purchase/lease/rent, contract/in-house, asset loan
  • Contribute to Improved investment planning (end of life, uptime, risk, total cost of ownership)

Empower your staff

  • Help increase visibility on status of your inventory - uptime, planned actions
  • Help optimize allocation of relevant resources to manage assets
  • Help manage and plan staff training

Why a CMMS with GE ?

  • The leading CMMS dedicated to healthcare professionals and developed in collaboration with them
  • 800+ customers globally - 80% in EU. GE also uses AssetPlus to manage its medical assets and facilities
  • Expert team to support you in project management and after-sales service to ensure your CMMS can evolve with your organization’s needs over time
  • Quick software implementation and adoption
  • Seamless interfacing with your internal IT systems (Finance & accounting system, employee directory…) and new technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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