Accelerate from measuring and tracking radiation dose to managing it

A functional dose management strategy requires an integrated approach of technology; program acceptance throughout the organization, an understanding of the challenges of changing processes and ongoing metrics to ensure the program is successful.

Do you have the right process and tools?

  • to establish a dedicated dose team, culture and awareness on ALARA principles?
  • to standardize procedures, optimize protocols and adapt dose alerts of your equipment?
  • to communicate efficiently about workflow standardization and dose optimization?

The Dose Excellence Program

Consulting and educational services to help you accelerate from measuring and tracking radiation dose to managing it.

Our experts will help you create a dose team, and customize a multi-step plan to support your visions for dose management and improved patient care. 

Watch  Prof. Jan Casselman from AZ Sint Jans Hospital in Belgium speaking about the importance of establishing a dedicated dose team in your hospital:

Join us for the 2nd annual Dose Management and Ionizing Radiation Workshops at ECR. Learn from experts who have achieved tangible outcomes in dose management. 

Available modules

Dose Excellence Program – available modules:

  • DoseWatch Training
  • DoseTeam & Process Setup
  • Workflow & Dose Levels Analysis
  • Technologist Dose Knowledge Assessment
  • CT Study Review
  • Alert Management
  • DoseWatch & DoseCheck
  • Dose Training Classroom
  • Interactive Protocol Optimization

Program Components:

  • Technical Strategy - GE dose experts available at your site or via video presence technologies
  • Effective Leadership - Cascade your vision on dose into process & practice
  • Cultural, Organizational Strategy - Build a dose team and engage all of the department