Next-generation performance with XDclear

The versatility of the LOGIQ™ S7 has been further enhanced with XDclear™ technology and a next-generation design that take performance to a new level.

Sensational performance— The LOGIQ S7 XDclear now harnesses GE’s premier XDclear platform and innovative probes to optimize image quality and consistency across patient body types.

Smart design—Redesigned from top to bottom, the LOGIQ S7 XDclear enables the workflow ease and productivity that busy clinicians need.

Specialized capabilities—Well-suited for shared services, the system offers a wide range of clinical packages for abdominal, musculoskeletal, cardiac, vascular, urology, pediatrics, and interventional imaging.


From its clinical versatility to its budget-friendly price, the system is designed for practices with high expectations for both performance and value.

Sensational Performance

Sensational performance

 The new release of the LOGIQ S7 is engineered to provide quality and speed across applications, thanks to a variety of technologies and features migrated from the leadership platforms: .

  • New Windows 7 64 bit embedded OS delivering higher speed and power to support advanced features.
  • S-Agile architecture – Advanced LOGIQ architecture helps deliver consistently clear images with minimal keystrokes.
  • Advanced transducers – a comprehensive portfolio of LOGIQ E-Series transducers enables acquire excellent clinical images with ease and confidence. The family of transducers has been recently expanded with the introduction of eight new dedicated solutions expanding the clinical coverage in pediatrics, neonatology, vascular, breast, shared service and urology.
  • Image optimization tools – LOGIQ S7 is packed full of tools to help enhance image quality such as contrast resolution and border definition.

Specialized capabilities

Specialized capabilities

Beyond its ability to scan a wide variety of body types, the LOGIQ S7 offers tools that help provide additional exam information, as well as enhance productivity and diagnostic confidence. Dedicated packages help clinicians perform efficient, specialized exams.

Advanced tools help provide innovative, in-depth care.

  • Specialized features include B-Flow, Elastography with semi-Quantification, Flow Quantification, Contrast Imaging, B-Steer+ and Volume Imaging.
  • Specialized transducers include convex, linear, phased array, matrix array, biplane endocavitary, 3D/4D volume convex and endocavitary.
  • Specialized efficiency tools help provide reduced keystrokes, increased exam consistency and smooth archiving and reporting as

    • GE Raw Data – allows a virtual rescan of the patient at any time after the study, on the system or at a remote workstation.
    • Compare Assistant - allows the user to easily retrieve a prior study and view it in split screen while performing the current study. This enables prior views and scanning parameters to be replicated, helping to provide consistency and enabling confident interpretations.
    • Automated measurement tools - help streamline measurement intensive exams such as breast, cardiac, vascular and obstetrics, with user-guided automatic measurements that can be easily edited or accepted.
    • Productivity Packages for breast and thyroid exams enable the user to label, measure, and describe anatomy quickly and confidently – plus generate DICOM® SR compatible summaries.
    • Auto IMT - provides automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness (IMT) and helps to increase the consistency and reliability of IMT measurements when evaluating the carotid artery.
    • Vascular Quantification - The 2D Quantification package provides extensive measurement of the vascular activity in user selected Region-of-Interest (ROIs) during a multi frame acquisition. This tool enables to get information about the max and min enhancement, the frames where it occurs, the percentage of vascularity in the ROI and more. The feature could help in staging an inflammation process and monitoring targeted vascular therapies, as in rheumatology.
    • Scan Assistant - Scan Assistant anticipates and prepares the next step of a scan, helps reduce keystrokes, and frees you to focus on the important exam elements. A GE-commissioned study performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed up to a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 50% reduction in exam time (for thyroid exams)1

      Scan Assistant performs the following tasks:

      • Initiates and auto-completes any required measurements
      • Sets up imaging controls and modes
      • Insert comments
      • Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence. View a video about LOGIQ S8 Scan Assistant.

    • Multi-modality Query Retrieve allows you to retrieve a previous exam, acquired by any imaging modality (e.g. CT, MRI, Mammo, U/S. etc…) scroll it and display it in a side-by-side screen with your live ultrasound image.

    1 Internal study done with third-party consultant covering different typologies of exams. More information available in the GE White Paper ‘Meeting the new demands of ultrasound: LOGIQ E9 Scan Assistant improves speed, ease and consistency of ultrasound exams’

Smart design

Smart design

The LOGIQ S7 user centric design can help reduce operator fatigue and risk of injury, while enhancing comfort.

  • System adjustability – LOGIQ S7 can be modified according to operator height and preference: the control panel swivels and moves up/down2 independently from the monitor for easy positioning, and the 19” LCD monitor on an articulated arm3 helps users attain an excellent viewing angle.
  • Intuitive interface – User-friendly keys, backlit controls and smart keys help promote peak performance. The 7” user-selectable touchscreen helps facilitate uninterrupted scanning.
  • Smart Keys with added functionality to help enhance workflow, based on customer feedback
  • Preset manager to help create and manage new settings with ease and simplicity
  • Extended mobility with the new Wireless Network card and Power Assistant (battery operation) feature
  • Enhanced flexibility with SW DVR, USB recording and MP4 direct exporting

    See smart design in action. View two-minute LOGIQ S7 video.




2 Only available on LOGIQ S7 Expert
3 Option on LOGIQ S7 Pro



Customer care

Responsive service and support

  • Connectivity – Robust DICOM connectivity that is compatible with many imaging IT solutions including GE Healthcare’s ViewPoint* 6 reporting and image management solution.
  • Education – Access training and support to help achieve the most from the system.
  • Service contract solutions – Choose from basic service to comprehensive support with parts and labor included.
  • Customer care – Join the LOGIQClub user community (www.logiqclub.net). Members become part of a dynamic community of clinicians, and have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices.





Clinical Images

Clinical images produced with LOGIQ S7


 Superficial liver with B-Flow 3D visualization of the gallbladder
using RAB4-8-D
Parathyroid with B-Flow
Visualization of the pancreas
with C1-5-D

 Middle finger PIPJ using L8-18i-D Brachial Plexus visualization
using ML6-15
Finger tendon detail using ML6-15
 Middle finger PIPJ using L8-18i-D

 Early pregnancy examination
 using C1-5-D
Fetus heart hemodynamics with PW
using RAB4-8-D
3D imaging of fetus using RAB4-8-D  Fetal vessels examination
 with RAB4-8-D

 Bladder imaging with C1-6-D
Thyroid lesion with Elastography
using 11L-D
Thyroid lesion with Elastography
using 11L-D
 Lower leg LOGIQView with 9L-D

GVJ with CFM using 9L-D
GVJ imaging using 9L-D
 ICA blood flow visualization
 using CFM with 9L-D
 LEA hemodynamics imaging with
 B-Flow Color using 9L-D



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