TRACERlab FX2 E Synthesizer, an integrated platform for [18F] tracer production, produces [18F] tracers via an electrophilic substitution reaction that starts with [18F] F2.      

TRACERcenter offers these two TRACERlab chemistry synthesizer systems. TRACERlab FX2 E Synthesizer and FX2 N Pro are both designed with fully automated production steps and easy-to-use operation to help increase your efficiency and productivity. The TRACERlab synthesizers also incorporate user-defined synthesis sequence to give you greater flexibility to produce the desired tracer. And you have all the tools you need to design your own methods and graphic visualization screens, without additional programming skills or training. 



Flexible, efficient [18F] tracer synthesis TRACERlab FX2 E allows you to:

  • Improve productivity with fully automated production steps
  • Increase flexibility with user-defined synthesis sequence
  • Log complete process history for traceability
  • Control access with password protection system
  • Acquire production reports that include lot numbers, vial process parameters, etc.
  • Minimize radioactive material generation
  • Minimize your interaction when radioactivity is present



The TRACERlab FX2 E integrates all the necessary steps for the production of [18F] tracers starting with [18F]F2:

  • Flow regulator for the incoming target gas
  • Labeling reactor with heating, cooling and stirring features
  • Build-in semipreparative HPLC purification
  • Build-in formulation of the final tracer
  • Gas and liquid system sealed against room air

All production steps are fully automated.

The semi-preparative radio-HPLC system comprises :

  • an injection valve
  • a semi-preparative HPLC column
  • a semi-preparative HPLC column
  • an UV detector
  • a fraction collector valve to isolate the final tracer

Purification is controlled by the TRACERlab FX software.
No separate HPLC software is required.



    System Characteristics

Size (W x H x D) of main module 29 cm x 49 cm x 36 cm
Weight of main module 15 kg
Control electronics 29 cm x 21 cm x 8.5 cm
3 Radiation detectors Reactor, HPLC, produce vial
Labelling reactor Borosilicate glass, 9 mm IF, v-shape, magnetic stirrer,
heating up to 200°C, cooling down to -100°C.
Retractable reactor needle.
Reagent vials 4 for the labelling reactor
3 for the formulation subsystem
Purification subsystem Isocratic HPLC controlled by the synthesis software
Gamma radiation and UV (190-500 nm D2) detectors
Formulation subsystem Solid phase extraction with stirred dilution flask