The TRACERlab FX2 C, evolution of the TRACERlab FX C Pro, is an automated system for easy and efficient production of 11C based tracers.
TRACERlab FX2 C combines flexibility and productivity. It provides [11C]methyl iodide or [11C]methyl triflate production and methylation of PET tracers in one module. For labeling processes starting directly with [11C]CO2 the methylation step can be bypassed.
More than 50 tracers have been produced and published using TRACERlab FX C Pro, the predecessor product of TRACERlab FX2 C and TRACERlab FX2 C can run all these synthesis methods too


Easy-to-Use 11C Tracer Production

The TRACERlab 11C tracer platforms are designed to formulate final tracers with minimal operator intervention. The system allows you to:

  • Save time through automation
  • Achieve high yield
  • Deliver high specific activity
  • Control incoming gases


The TRACERlab FX2 C integrates all necessary components for the production of 11C-based tracers in one module:

  • Trapping of [11C]carbon dioxide or [11C]methane
  • Patented gas-phase synthesis of [11C]methyl iodide and [11C]methyl triflate with high specific activity
  • Labeling reactor with heating, cooling, stirring features
  • Built-in semi-preparative HPLC purification
  • Built-in formulation of the final tracer
  • Gas and liquid system sealed against room air



TRACERlab FX2 C specifications include:

System Characteristics

Size (W x H x D) of main module 50 cm x 48 cm x 45 cm
Weight of main module 40 kg
Control electronics 29 cm x 21 cm x 8.5 cm
6 Radiation detectors [11C]CO2, [11C]CH4, [11C]MeI, labelling reactor, HPLC,
product vial
Labelling reactor Borosilicate glass, 9 mm ID, v-shape, magnetic stirrer,
heating up to 200°C, cooling down to -100°C.
Retractable reactor needle.
Reagent vials 3 for the labelling reactor
3 for the formulation subsystem
Purification subsystem Isocratic HPLC controlled by the synthesis software
Gamma radiation and UV (190-500 nm D2) detectors
Formulation subsystem Solid phase extraction with stirred dilution flask

Configuration   Performance    
Cyclotron Target [11C]MeI Yield [11C]MeI specific activityA [GBq/µmol] Intrinsic formation of cold MeI [nmol/run]
PETtrace CH4 37% ± 7% 1000B < 20
PETtrace CO2 37% ± 7%A 400B C < 25

A Using purifiers for target gases input
B Indicative values only, valid in combination with GE PETtrace cyclotron, not suitable for acceptance
C At 75 GBq (2 Ci) [11C]CO2.