Can your PET/CT cut non - FDG tracer dose by half ?

Clinical Case

Patient History

Biological recurrence of a midgut neuro endocrine tumor.
Weight: 57 kg
Height 178 cm
BMI: 18


5 beds. 4 min/bed
Reconstruction: Q.Clear
Post-injection time: 63 min
Injected dose: 100.8 MBq of 18F-DOPA


Courtesy of Dr. E Gabiache, IUCT- Oncopole, Toulouse, France.


This is an F-DOPA PET/CT. The scan was performed with very low radiotracer dose (101MBq) in 20min (5 4min-Steps). It showed a single liver metastasis.


For expensive radiotracers like F-DOPA, scans can be performed with preserved image quality using very low injected dose for a total duration that is very acceptable for the patient. 

Discovery IQ’s high sensitivity thus enables wider access to these expensive radiotracers, as well as routine use with excellent image quality. 

The reduction of the effective dose is also an important consequence here.