Inform your decisions with measurable results

XelerisTM 4.0 is the next generation of our proven workstation for nuclear medicine. In the past, Xeleris led the way with mobilized capabilities that gave you accessible, easy-to-use tools to enhance productivity. With your guidance, we designed Xeleris 4.0 to deliver modern, quantitative applications for nuclear medicine; applications that give you the certainty of absolute quantitation in customizable, easy-to-read reports across multiple care areas.

Whether you are analyzing the brain, the heart, the lungs or any other organ of interest; if the decisions you make are better informed because we helped you find measurable true discoveries, then we have accomplished our mission with Xeleris 4.0.


Access to data where you want at any time2 to help improve your reading efficiency, collaboration and clinical confidence

Xeleris Floating License frees you from traditional workstations without limiting your productivity or responsiveness. You can benefit remotely from the same applications as within your institution, giving you full accessibility to your clinical cases.

Access to data where you want at any time2 to help your reading efficiency, collaboration and clinical confidence

The flexibility of Xeleris 4.0

  • “To-Go” technology, allows you to access to the applications wherever you are even when disconnected from network,
  • Transfer full set of applications and images to most PACS systems1 and experience robust processing and review capabilities,
  • Enhanced access to results for referring physicians thanks to Xeleris DICOM viewer distribution via CD, DVD or network,
  • High performance hardware, running Windows® 7 for seamless integration in demanding hospital IT environments.

1. Requires PACS “open API” support (see product specifications).

2. Where ever high-speed internet access is available.