Obese patient processed with Efc

Discovery* NM 630 and Xeleris* 3

Clinical Case

Patient History

Male in his sixties. No symptoms
Risk factors: obesity (160 kg),hypertension
Medical therapy: amiodarone, ASA,
ACE-inhibitor, diuretic


185 MBq 99mTc stress
407 MBq 99mTc rest
LEHR collimator,
360° tomo 60 steps


Courtesy of Giovanni Fiumara, M.D-SDN Istituto di Ricerca Diagnostica e Nucleare, Napoli, Italy


Normal myocardial perfusion at rest and post-stress
LV ejection fraction at rest and post-stress >50%


Normal myocardial perfusion and LV function at rest and during physical exercise.