Three field of view with Evolution for Bone on post traumatic pain

Clinical Case

Patient history 

Woman aged 40 involved in a traffic accident.
Pain in the pelvis, the lower back and left foot, mainly at stress

SPECT/CT Acquisition:

360° tomo 60 steps of 10 sec 128x128 zoom 1.0
CT 120 kv, 20 mA, 
DLP=226 mGy*cm for 3FOV, CTDI=2.01 mGy


Courtesy of Dr. Ph. Declerck Clinic St Jean, Belgium


Highly increased activity in R hemi-sacrum and processus articularis superior of S1, left para-symphyseal, the base of the ilio-pubic right branch and the interapophyseal joint R L5-S1.
Hyperactivity in the posterior border of the R + L calcaneus.


Recent fractures in the R hemi-sacrum, the R processus articularis superior of S1, the L symphysis pubis and the base of the R iliopubic branch. 
Post-traumatic facet arthritis R L5-S1.
No fractures in the feet.
Posterior calcaneal enthesopathy or tendinosis.