Precise localization of mesenteric carcinoid tumor

Clinical Case

Patient History

Patient in his 30, admitted for intestinal occlusion.
Increased chromogranin.
Suspicion of metastatic carcinoid tumor.


122 Mbq  111In-Pentetreotide age and weight adjusted
HEGP collimator
360° tomo 60 steps of 30 sec 64*64 
zoom 1.0
CT  120 kv,  30 mA, 
DLP= 199.8 mGy*cm, CTDI = 5 mGy


Courtesy of Dr. Ph. Declerck Clinic St Jean, Belgium


Intense uptake (somtosatin receptor activity) in a large mesenteric tumor that is responsible for the intestinal occlusion. 
On SPECT-CT also small local metastasis are detected


A large mesenteric well differentiated carcinoid tumor and locally several small metastasis.
Classification: pT4pN1