Case studies

GE Healthcare Centricity Operating room (Opera)

GE Healthcare Centricity Operating room (Opera) Case Study UHCW NHS UK

Centricity Opera helps enhance patient care, powers productivity and unlocks financial gains at UHCW:

  • 32 theatres monitored in real-time 
  • Over £¾ million worth of in-hours capacity released per year
  • Around £1 million material revenue gains per year

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GE Healthcare Centricity Operating room (Opera) Case Study Fife NHS Scotland

Enable increased theatre throughput and improved surgical performance from Opera OR management:

  • 19 theatres across 2 sites monitored in real-time
  • 22% increase in theatre efficiency 
  • Drive overall performance  improving accuracy and transparency of data 
  • Prevent bottlenecks through clear visibility of overrunning or early finishing cases

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GE Healthcare Centricity Operating room (Opera) & Centricity Anesthesia project deployment

South Karelia Laapeeranta Hospital Case study - Finland

South Karelia Central Hospital in Finland successfully completes implementation of
Centricity Opera and Centricity Anaesthesia

  • Integration with all key hospital IT systems via 15 independent interfaces
  • Support for 8,750 surgeries annually across 10 operating rooms and 5 day surgery rooms

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We have shared with you through Case studies how our customers have optimized their operating room (OR)
using Centricity Opera to capture the right and accurate data, to make the right decisions for their patients and
their organisations. And ultimately drive OR efficiency.

The key memorable points are outlined in an infographic for you to share with your colleagues
and keep as a useful reference.

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GE Healthcare Centricity Anesthesia

Vietland Hospital Case Study – Netherlands

Better patient care and enhanced decision making powered by Centricity Anaesthesia:

  • Implementation of Centricity Anaesthesia in only six weeks
  • Data gathered from devices in 9 ORs, 6 holding and 15 recovery beds
  • Approximately 50 people (Anaesthetists, Nurses and Assistants) using the system

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GE Healthcare Centricity Critical Care

Kusel Hospital Case Study – Germany

Centricity Critical Care at the heart of continuous quality patient treatment improvement

  • 12 ICU bed unit seeing approximately 1,000 patients per year
  • Information helps substantiate reimbursement of costs from health insurance

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Ghent University Hospital Case study - Belgium

Centricity Clinical Notification System (CNS) bolsters quality of care, streamlines clinical research and
facilitates administration in ICUs

  • Improvements not only in quality of care but in patient experience as well from automated alerts
  • CNS supports research with inclusion rates increasing from 20% to 100%

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Testimonial of Dr. Christophe Boisson, MD Anesthesiologist

Testimonial from Dr. Christophe Boisson, MD Anesthesiologist & Clinical Project Manager at University hospital of Nîmes, using Centricity Opera as OR management software solution, since 2010.

  • 21 Operating theatres, 20 000 surgeries/year, 12 surgical specialities
  • Theatre performance improved from 65% to 77%, run over rate reduced to 4%.

GE Healthcare main sponsor and partner of 2015 SIASTOK Congress for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

SIASTOK is one of the largest national intensive care anesthesiology and emergency medicine conference, organized by the Semmelweis University.

GE Healthcare: Centricity High Acuity Suite European User Conference 2013 in Berlin

Every year, the HAC team organizes a user meeting at European level or
locally to allow customers to share best practices and to learn about changes/upgrades on our portfolio software solutions:
Centricity Anaesthesia, Centricity Critical Care, Centricity Opera for Operating Room and now Centrcity Insights.