Rapid and comprehensive trauma assessment

High acquisition speed with high definition image is what you demand in acute and critical care.

ED patients in pain can not hold still for CT scans. The motion artefacts can cause indeterminate results.1

Revolution CT answers this challenge  with ultra-fast scanning enabled by up to 80 mm helical coverage combined with fast table speed (up to 300mm/sec).

This means sub-second breath-hold and sedation- free exams with confident results.

Better access to patients through wide 80 cm bore.

200 cm scannable range for taller patients.

Heavy patient table option (675 lb / 306 kg).

Table with integrated ECG module.

Gantry display monitor for patient information, ECG data and patient informational videos.

Custom protocols that enable scanning multiple anatomical regions in a single exam. 

Prescribe multi-planar reconstruction prospectively, allow instant access to images and facilitate image reviews.

1 Jones, S. E., & Wittram, C. (2005). The Indeterminate CT Pulmonary Angiogram: Imaging Characteristics and Patient Clinical Outcome 1. Radiology, 237(1), 329–337.


Technology to meet the needs of all your physicians.

Revolution* CT features a unique image chain hardware with Volume HD reconstruction and next generation ASiR-V* technology to enable excellent image quality across the entire 160 mm coverage, while reducing dose up to 82%.1

Gemstone* Clarity Detector for 160 mm detector coverage.

New tube for improved spatial resolution and consistent beam quality across the full 160 mm Z-axis coverage.

New generator to support ultra fast kV switching.

Best effective temporal resolution enabled by 0.28-second rotation speed combined with intelligent motion correction for excellent cardiac imaging at any heart rate.

With the industry‘s fastest scintillator, the Gemstone Clarity Detector enables high definition imaging and ultra fast kV switching.

Miniaturized detector modules are designed to reduce electronic noise by 25% which may improve image quality and reduce artifacts in low signal conditions, as may be encountered in large patients.

Unique focally aligned detector design to overcome limitations such as cone beam artifacts associated with wide coverage.

Proprietary 3D Collimator ensures IV contrast uniformity and minimizes scatter and beam hardening artifacts associated with wide coverage systems – it reduces scatter to primary ratio by more than 50% compared to a 160 mm system with a 1D post patient collimator.

Whisper Drive system to reduce audible noise during gantry rotations by more than 50%. Future proof platform tested to support 0.2 sec/rotation, 70 g of force, and ultra fast kV switching.

Contactless slip ring to transfer data to and from the rotating side of the gantry to the stationary side through RF technology at 40 Gbps. Induction based, brushless slip ring to reliably transfer high voltage power.

1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

Clinical Benefits

Make advanced exams routine and routine exams advanced.

Thanks to its innovative design, Revolution* CT will improve routine exams and enable you to deliver breakthrough clinical applications for all your physicians and your most challenging patients.

Make your routine exams advanced with best-in-class 0.23 mm spatial resolution and built-in artifact reduction.

Capture the whole heart in a single beat, in high definition, with motion-free coronary images at any heart rate. One beat acquisition for calcium scoring, coronary imaging or comprehensive cardiac assessment can be achieved with or without beta blockers.

Flexible scan modes to enable rapid and precise TAVR planning, delivering low radiation and contrast dose.1

Perform whole organ dynamic perfusion studies of the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and other organs and tissues with up to 16cm of coverage with uniform IV contrast. Flexible collimation and sampling rate minimizes dose and is particularly beneficial in localizing anatomy of interest. Whole organ coverage enables 4D imaging for all anatomies to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic properties.

Deliver rapid and comprehensive trauma assessment thanks to the wide detector, fast table speed at up to 300 mm/sec and better access to patients through the wide 80 cm bore.

View the Clinical Image Gallery.

1. When used in conjunction with fast table speed and kV Assist technology.

Patient Benefits

A better patient experience at a lower dose

Revolution* CT features the latest Smart Dose Technologies designed to help you acquire high quality images using lower doses of radiation. Smart Dose Technologies contribute to a more accurate diagnosis and lower exposure for patients across routine and advanced exams, including dynamic acquisitions for perfusion and 4D studies.

Integrated ASiR-V*
ASiR-V reconstruction technology reduces noise even at very low signal levels. This technology is designed to deliver reduced noise levels, improve low-contrast detectability and routinely reduce dose up to 82% for patients of all ages.1

Organ Dose Modulation
The system can also automatically modulate X-rays to reduce dose to radiation-sensitive organs and anatomical areas such as the eyes and the breasts without compromising image quality.

Pediatric imaging
Sedation free and minimal breath hold at a very low dose for pediatric patients. Whole abdomen and pelvis scanning in less than one second.

70 kV scanning
This enables the capability for low dose protocols, which are especially suitable for pediatric imaging.

Prioritize the patient experience.

Your patients expect more. They want quick, high quality results in a low stress environment. By giving more thought to the aesthetics that the patient sees, hears, and feels, Revolution CT can help your scan room feel less clinical and more inviting. And the technology inside helps you deliver a confident diagnosis with patient safety in mind.

Provide access and comfort to more patients with a wider 80 cm bore.

Minimize patient anxiety with powerfully quiet, split-second scanning enabled by the Whisper Drive gantry.

Lower radiation and contrast dose without compromising your image quality.2

Create a better patient environment with design features such as soft ambient lighting and a patient centric bore pattern.

Deliver personalized patient information and videos via gantry displays.

1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

2. When used in conjunction with fast table speed and kV Assist technology.

User Benefits

A better user experience.

Welcome to the new Clarity Operator Environment. We took cues from the consumer devices you enjoy using every day and integrated them into a totally new, yet familiar user interface experience. With the latest in Smart Technologies, the new Clarity Operator Environment will provide you with more intuitive, guided acquisition workflow to simplify scan setup and enable more consistency across scans.

Adapt to the needs of your patient by adding or deleting an exam series with protocol cart.

Tabbed workflow allows quick access to exams from multiple patients and alerts user when all tasks are complete.

Personalizes scan parameters based off patient scout.

Plan-ahead task lists streamlines tasks such as reconstructions, image transfers and post-processing.

Every patient’s need is different.

What if your CT could address the needs of all your patients, even the challenging ones? What if your CT could help you deliver clinical excellence across all of your departments?

It’s time for a Revolution.

Revolution CT delivers uncompromised image quality and clinical capabilities through the convergence of coverage, spatial and temporal resolution – all in one. It is the CT designed to help you deliver revolutionary and differentiated capabilities across all of your clinical areas.

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