Today’s diagnostic imaging technology provides an amazing breadth of information in a wide variety of ways. However, analyzing it, compiling what’s relevant, and reporting your findings can put a serious crimp in your workflow, causing your operating costs to soar, and possibly even affecting your diagnostic confidence. VolumeShare 7 offers an elegant solution to your workflow challenges.

AW VolumeShare 7 is a multi-modality image review, comparison, and processing workstation with simplicity and power at its core. This workstation features 64-bit technology that allows processing of up to 5K images in a single dataset.  With significant improvements in workflow processes and clinical features that will increase your productivity, AW VolumeShare 7 can elevate your practice to a whole new level.


  • The Postfetch tool retrieves historical exams for comparison.
  • Preference Sharing enables exchange of settings and protocols among users.
  • The Key Images feature allows you to flag images and create key objects.
  • Tracks how often applications licenses are used and by whom.
  • Supports remote updates and software downloads.


  • Simple drag and drop action for networking, media interchange, and filming.
  • Multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Enterprise Authentication with Microsoft Active Directory* (2000, 2003) and Novell* eDirectory (v 8.7.3) for security.
  • Patient list to manage images from local workstation or remote systems.
  • Postfetch feature, designed to optimize your reading workflow by automatically gathering a patient’s prior exams according to your pre-set criteria.
  • Connectivity with RIS.
  • Support for Key Images.
  • End Review automates routine filming and networking tasks with just one click.
  • Search Advantage for fast and easy search of a patient’s exam history on PACS or any other DICOM-compliant device.
  • Enhanced Quick Filters of the Patient List filters studies by Modality, Date, End Review status or Exam Description.
  • DICOM CD/DVD/USB Creation Tool.
  • High-performance database management system.
  • 2D Viewer for image display, manipulation, annotation, review. Integrated Filmer with enhanced flexibility to perform all filming and data exporting tasks.
  • Access to a wide variety of applications for greater diagnostic flexibility. 

Industry Standards

AW VolumeShare 7 complies with a wide variety of industry standards to facilitate adoption of features and performance improvements as the computing and medical imaging industry evolves.

Computer Industry Standards for Workstation Class Products

  • Novell Suse Enterprise Linux 11
  • POSIX (1003.1, 1003.2, 1003.4)
  • ANSI C / ANSI Draft Standard C++ / JAVA 

DICOM Conformance Standards

  • DICOM 3.0 Storage Service Class for RT, CT, MR, CR, X-ray (Angio and R&F), Digital X-ray (DX), MG, NM, PET, U/S, Secondary Capture, Secondary Capture Color DICOM Image Objects. (Service Class User (SCU) for image send and Service Class Provider (SCP) for image receive).
  • DICOM 3.0 Query/Retrieve Service Class (SCU and SCP). DICOM 3.0 Storage Commitment Service Class (SCU).
  • DICOM Print (Color and B&W).
  • DICOM Media Interchange (CD-R, DVD+R(W)). 

Filming Protocols

  • DICOM Print (Color and B&W) and Adobe Postscript (Color and B&W) for supported printers.

Safety Standards

  • Safety: UL1950, CSA 950, TUV EN 60950.
  • IEC 601-1-2 Edition 2.