At GE Healthcare, we recognize that being a sustainability leader is more than creating products that provide environmental and operating benefits to our customers. Ecomagination is also about our commitment to using our limited resources efficiently across the entire life-cycle.

GE Healthcare's ecomagination validation.

Whether it’s the solar powered facilities where we design and build our products , to our capabilities for refurbishing or recycling used equipment in an environmentally responsible way, ecomagination  benefits the communities  that we and  our customers collectively serve today and for generations to come.

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Digital X-Ray

PLUSPAK Polymer Bottle

Digital mammography

High Efficiency CT Systems

High Efficiency MR Systems

Voluson Compact Ultrasound

Voluson E- and S-Series Ultrasound

WAVE Bioreactor for Biotherapeutics Production

LOGIQ E- and S-series Ultrasound