By the end of the program, Technologists who attend the complete didactic segment will be able to use system features and perform basic to intermediate procedures such as :   


  • Digital Detector Safety 
  • Digital Detector & Tether Handling 
  • Digital Detector Orientation 
  • Hands-on Scenarios 
  • Digital Detector Technology 
  • Demo Image & Protocol Review 
  • System Operation 
  • Acquisition Workstation 
  • Image Management 
  • Patient Imaging 
  • Image Display 
  • Protocol Building 
  • Image Customization & Reprocessing 

Follow-up Agenda   

Follow-up consists of a second visit to your facility by an Clinical Education Specialist : 

  • System Review 
  • Image Quality Review 
  • Advanced Applications 
  • Patient Imaging 


This course has no prerequisite requirements.

Target Audience

This course is designed for X-ray Technologists who operate the Discovery XR650 system.


College of Radiographers CPD Endorsement

This course has been approved by The College of Radiographers 

And may support outcomes 1 - 9 of CPD Now

Preparing Your Staff for Onsite Training

Preparing Your Department for Onsite Training