Course detail

Duration: Topic dependant

Target attendees: Technologists, Physicians, Physicists

Prerequisite: Topic dependant

Course description: Topic dependant

  • CT Overview 2 days
  • AW Overview 2 days
  • CT for Oncology 2 days
  • CeCT in Oncology 2 days
  • CeCT in Cardiology 2 days
  • CT for 4D 2 days

Upon completion, participant should be able to: Depend on the topic selected

Course leader: GE Clinical Education Specialist

Certification: GE Healthcare Education Certificate

Language: Local Language when available or English

Number of participants: Maximum 4


College of Radiographers CPD Endorsement

This course has been approved by The College of Radiographers 

And may support outcomes 1 - 9 of CPD Now