Course detail

Duration: 4 days

Target attendees: Interventional Cardiologists, Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Neuro Radiologists, Nurses, radiographers or techs 

Prerequisite: Experience in Interventional Cardio- Vascular procedures

Course description: 

Will depend on the topic selected, such as: Cardiac, Vascular or Neuro

  • Demonstration and practice of the Innova* equipment for diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • Demonstration of X-ray low dose, minimal iodine contrast media and flow rates in interventional procedures
  • Demonstration and practice on advantage workstation

This course is a mix of on-site immersion training and one-on-one teaching with an expert Clinical Education Specialist, combining boththeory and practice of clnical interventions on Innova* Systems. Tailored agenda upon request.

Upon completion, the participant should be able to: Master selected topic

Course Leader: Renowned Medical expert and/or GE Clinical Education Specialist

Certification: GE Healthcare Education Certificate

Language: English, French, Arabic, German (site dependant)

Number of participants Maximum: 2

Notes: Please check related flyer for more information


College of Radiographers CPD Endorsement

This course has been approved by The College of Radiographers 

And may support outcomes 1 - 9 of CPD Now