Course detail

Executive overview: Provide the opportunity for radiographers and technicians to attend clinical sites and observe those procedures using the INNOVA system with DSA, bolus chase, Fluoro roadmap, Innova 3D and Innova CT for diagnostic and interventional procedures. In addition, get a first overview of the Advantage station.

Duration: 4 days

Target Attendees: Radiographers & Technicians

Pre-requisite: First experience on Interventional procedure

Course description: 

  • Demonstration and practice on the Innova equipment
  • Demonstration and practice of the 3D and the 3D-CT during interventional procedures

Course objectives:

  • Get a global overview of the use of the system during procedures
  • Share best practices to optimize dose level by using the INNOVA system
  • Gain practice by using the acquisitions protocols and review functions
  • Gain practice on 3D acquisition and post processing on AW (measures,oblique view, VR and MIP views and process CT like images)

Course Leader: Medical Staff on-site

Certification: GE Healthcare Education Certificate

Language: English or French

Number of participants: Maximum 3

Course location: 

  • France, CHU Ambroise Paré, Paris
  • Belgique, ASZ Campus, Aalst


College of Radiographers CPD Endorsement

This course has been approved by The College of Radiographers 

And may support outcomes 1 - 9 of CPD Now