Course detail

Executive overview: 

  • Optimal use of your Innova Bi-plane system for Neuroradiologyinterventional procedures
  • Perform your procedures at low dose and best image quality
  • Gain expertise on 3D and CT imaging with the Advantage Workstation

Duration: 2 or 4 days

Target Attendees: Neuroradiologists

Pre-requisite: Experience in Interventional Neuroradiology

Course description: 

  • Demonstration and practice on the Neuro Innova 3131 Bi-plane equipmentfor diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  • Demonstration of X-ray low dose, minimal iodine contrast media and flowrates in interventional procedures for head and neck
  • Demonstration on 3D volumes: post-processing, display rendering andmeasurements on Advantage Workstation

Course objectives: 

  • Perform an exam using acquisition protocols and review functions
  • Use of Bi-plane gantry during procedures
  • Use of Bi-plane acquisition modes (fluoroscopy, 2D roadmapping, DSA) storeduring procedures
  • Perform Innova 3D/CT acquisition and post processing on AW (measures, obliqueview, VR and MIP views and process CT like images)

Course Leader: Professor Serge Bracard

Certification: GE Healthcare Education Certificate

Language: English and French

Number of participants: Maximum 3

Course location: CHU St Julien, Nancy, France


College of Radiographers CPD Endorsement

This course has been approved by The College of Radiographers 

And may support outcomes 1 - 9 of CPD Now