About the Training

The Essential of Healthcare IT training is a 5 day course that addresses the IT needs of technical professionals who install and support medical devices and the healthcare network.

Essentials of Healthcare IT focuses on developing the practical skills to learn networks from the inside out. Extensive labs provide hands-on building and troubleshooting flat, switched, routed and wireless networks. This course is designed to meet the unique and specific needs of healthcare IT. You will work on actual equipment, not simulations. 

Previous IT training is not required. 


Day 1
  • Computer Hardware Basics 

  • Inspection of Connectors and Jacks 

  • Boot Up/POST/Boot Order 

  • Exploring My Computer 

  • Physical Disks 

  • Adding Plug-and-Play Peripherals 

  • Adding Non-PNP Peripherals 

  • Exploring Device Manager 

  • Exploring Computer management

Day 2
  • Benefits of Medical Network 

  • Network Topologies 

  • Practical IP Addressing 

  • Building a Flat Network 

  • Adding Network Devices 

  • Troubleshooting Flat Networks 

Day 3
  • Administering Server/Client Networks 

  • Accessing Network Sites Remotely 

  • Mapping Network Drives 

  • Building a Switched Network 

  • Troubleshooting Switched Networks

Day 4
  • Local and Remote Administration of Routers 

  • Building a Routed Network 

  • Troubleshooting a Routed Network 

Day 5
  • Configuration of Access Points 

  • Building a Wireless Network 

  • Troubleshooting a Wireless Network