By the end of the program Technologists should be able to perform basic to intermediate procedures on the VolumeViewer software. 

Course Content:

  • Sort & selection; application and protocol selection
  • Layouts, mouse tools and display tool palette
  • Review Controller Tools; Mouse button functions
  • Active annotation; primary/secondary viewports
  • Reference Image choices, measurements, annotation, pixel report
  • Curved reformat - simple and complex
  • MPVR, rendering modes available and usage
  • Batch Review, save and film
  • Volume Rendering and MIP; AutoSelect – Add/Remove structure, using the scalpel
  • Creating measurements and Labels
  • Saving models temporary and permanent


  • TVA ready GE AW Workstation or GE CT scanner with VolumeViewer
  • Basic knowledge of AW Workstation (preferred)
  • Sample exams

Target Audience

This course is designed for CT Technologist and/or Radiologists.