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CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop Level II

Participants will learn how to report Cardiovascular CT examinations with hands-on Workstation training. Through lectures and seeing patient examinations, understand the complexities of coronary CT from patient set-up, contrast injection, image acquisition and reconstruction to post processing. Participants will have 150 contrast enhanced cases. GE Healthcare works with Prof. C. Roobottom and Dr G. Morgan-Hughes both renowned experts in this field.

CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop Level III 

The new CT Advanced Cardiac Workshop – Level III course has been designed to stretch and enlighten those practitioners who are confident and competent at delivering routine cardiac CT services. Whilst the cases presented will demonstrate and utilise GE technology, specifically acquired with the Gemstone detector (high resolution & cardiac GSI modes), all cardiac CT practitioners are welcome. During the course approximately 100 cases (many with comparative selective invasive coronary angiograms) will be reviewed with the emphasis on the assessment of known CAD, prosthetic valve assessment and pre-procedural planning for TAVI. Lecture based teaching will be delivered on similar themes. The course organisers have years of experience in service improvement, comprehensive audit and research with multiple peer reviewed publications involving all aspects of this work. The course will provide some insights into how best progress some of these projects locally and therefore help CT practitioners who wish to advance accreditation beyond Level II.

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