Chest Pain

Imaging solutions for chest pain management.

Chest pain can signal a life-threatening health problem, so prompt evaluation and treatment is critical. Ensure a swift, appropriate response with the help of GE Healthcare.
Our specialized approach to chest pain management brings you comprehensive strategies, excellent imaging, and streamlined services to properly assess and treat patients — in a heartbeat.


With new protocols to safely and accurately assess patients, most providers no longer admit every person presenting with chest pain. This practice is part of a paradigm shift, which has also prompted many hospitals to adopt Chest Pain Units (CPUs). Offering a highly-specialized setting dedicated to patients with chest pain, these units help minimize the time to proper treatment while promoting the most appropriate, cost-effective care.

Disease Pathway Management

Caronary Artrery Assessment

Treatment & Monitoring

Chest Pain Units (CPU) are designed to streamline care for chest pain patients, resulting in better outcomes and significant cost benefits.

  • CPUs apply a systematic approach to optimize treatment of patients with ACS through:
    • Prompt identification and treatment of patients with an ischemic etiology
    • Early and accurate discharge of patients without evidence of myocardial ischemia
  • CPUs located within or close to an ED are effective and cost-saving.
  • Implementing a chest pain unit improves long-term outcome in patients with an acute coronary syndrome.  
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