GE Healthcare in the UK and Ireland

The UK and Ireland is very important for GE Healthcare, not only do we have our Global Headquarters based here but we have enjoyed a long history of working closely with healthcare professionals in the Department of Health, National Health Service and private sector to help develop and implement better patient management, using improved diagnosis and monitoring. 

In the Republic of Ireland we have an ongoing association with the Health Service Executive and welcome the dialogue with leading care providers to ensure leading technology is available to support diagnosis and local healthcare provision. 

During the current economic environment, we recognize that cost-effective, accessible healthcare is more important than ever. GE Healthcare is committed to developing and providing quality technology and services that meet the changing needs of healthcare providers. 

In response to these changes, GE established the “healthymagination” initiative in 2009; an ongoing global programme that commits GE resources to providing more efficient healthcare, with the aim of lower overall patient pathway costs, increased access to appropriate technology whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability. 

At national level, we are working with clinicians, researchers and patient groups to ensure alignment of our capabilities with new developments in care area pathways. These include cardiology, stroke, cancer and dementia and will utilise early diagnosis as an important tool to provide information and assist treatment decision making. 

Our global research centres are working on next generation technology and products, with the all important linkage to IT systems, enabling device connectivity and accessible patient data for all those involved in the care of the patient. 

The GE Healthcare Life Sciences teams are working with researchers in academia and pharmaceutical companies to provide equipment, services and reagents to assist in the fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms and enable the development and manufacture of tomorrow’s treatments. 

So, whether you are involved in diagnosis, patient monitoring and support, or seeking to develop future medicines, GE Healthcare is pleased to offer a wide range of products, expertise and above all, commitment to improving health. 

 If you would like to find out more about any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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